Saturday, 2 May 2009

infusoria: the movie

I spent this afternoon at Svend Thomsen's place putting the titles on his film of the exhibition. It is the first time I'd seen it, and with real life getting in the way a bit the last few weeks, I'd pretty much forgotten he was working on it.

You know how often you come away from an exhibition and the catalogue, postcards, leaflets or whatever just don't hit the spot? They miss the magic? And you end up buying a postcard anyway as a reminder of something that isn't in the picture? Well this is a whole different thing. It's all there. Short of actually letting you mess around with the dice and music box and magnifying glass yourself, it has everything.

You will have a chance to see it soon, I promise: it is absolutely exquisite.

Jessica Smith, a.rawlings, Helen White

Jessica Smith: Veil

a.rawlings: rule of three

Claire took this amazing picture of the shadows cast by angela's poems

Helen White
I like giving away my pebbles to people. Dirk Vekemans swapped me a pebble for this lovely little Buddha, who spent the rest of the exhibition as part of my piece. He lives on my bedside table now (the Buddha, not Dirk).
These last two pictures are stills from Svend Thomsen's film.
I think this last one in particular comes closer to what I was trying to do than the piece itself - thanks Svend!