Friday, 3 April 2009

Estelle Boelsma

Sadly Estelle's film didn't make it here in time for the Brussels edition, but it is very much here in Ghent:


“Boredom is the desire for desire.” Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

My focus is perceived reality, in all its repetitive banality; it is a question of magnifying apparently pointless actions; what is normally concealed in activity is accentuated. The moment is stretched out almost into infinity; one sees that “this is what there is.” The separate film fragments present scenes that only refer to themselves. They do not communicate. The story they tell is of a world where otherness is irrelevant.


Estelle Boelsma (1971) is a visual artist and poet. She studied at the College of Visual Arts in Arnhem, the Netherlands. She has published poems in 'De Revisor', 'De Brakke Hond', 'Op Ruwe Planken' and 'Lava'. In 2006 she founded the e-zine blue-turns-grey with Edwin Fagel, which is for and about visual art, literature and poetry. Her short films have been shown at film events and exhibitions.

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