Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Derya Vural and Maja Jantar

Derya Vural

So mindlessly

As Derya explained before, her calendar project is a record of visual poetry 'days.' So I figured if there was one day whose associations I might understand even though I have never met Derya in person, it would be November 4th 2008. I found a black circle and three white K's; my friend Magali found the stars and stripes. I like the green patches on there too...

Here are two other individual poems from the series:

the last rebellion against the grey

without 'where' and'why'

Maja Jantar

Maja exhibited different work this time. Since we weren't allowed to hammer nails into the walls of the Zilverhof, it would have been too difficult to hang the Marilyn series she exhibited in Brussels. This series is made of bamboo leaves in translucent rice paper, and is inspired by Chinese characters. I felt that it resonated in certain ways with Jessica Smith's veils on the other side of the room.

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