Friday, 13 March 2009

Derya Vural

Calendar Project

"We determine and count time with the help of repetitive sky events. A day means the time between the rising of the sun twice. We name it according to the instruments we have. In 2008 I named time according to the rising of visual poetry. A visual poetry day means the time between two visual poems. All the things I have lived, seen, exposed, witnessed, thought and not thought have turned into a visual poem on a page of the calendar. "


Derya Vural was born in 1974 in Germany. She lives in Istanbul and works as a child psychologist and addiction consultant. She is interested in modern/contemporary visual arts, maths and motor-sports. Her visual poems have been published at Zinhar/Poetikhars (Turkish visual poetry website/magazine) and at, and exhibited at the Asian visual poetry exhibition in Russia since 2005. She continues to publish visual poems on her personal website.

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