Thursday, 26 March 2009

Can't stop jumping up and down in my chair because because...

... because: soon Maja and I can start installing infusoria in the Zilverhof. Here are a few photos I took when we went to visit a while back (the snow only lasted a day or two)

... because: Claire will be here soon! She is Krikri's very first work experience student / intern / stagiaire, a Creative Writing and Media student at Leicester De Montfort, and besides helping with the exhibition and the performances later in the week, I hope I can persuade her to write some reviews or something on here. She's also my lovely cousin - nothing like mixing nepotism and slave labour - who I get to borrow as a housemate for a whole week.

... because: angela is coming back :-D She's back in Belgium for a residency (and waffles. And that big snail on the cycle path outside Jelle and Maja's house who never dreamed what stardom awaited him).

When it's packed away, almost the whole exhibition fits into my laundry bag. I can walk over to the Zilverhof with the whole damn thing on one shoulder (and Moniek's big plastic domes in the other hand).

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