Thursday, 19 March 2009

Sharon Harris


“Blues” is a Braille translation of bpnichol’s poem of the same name which turns nichol’s “love” matrix of language into a tactile, feeling experience.

Where do poems come from?

“Where do poems come from?” is part of the series, “Fun with ’Pataphysics,” which appeared as a column in Word magazine, a section in Harris’s Avatar (The Mercury Press), and in chapbooks from BookThug and above/ground press. The series was also part of a Globe review of Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry, entitled “Let’s Get ’Pataphysical,” by Christian Bök.


Sharon Harris is a Canadian artist/writer who has been accused of having “ethereal interests” (Toronto Life). She thinks that her eight-year long study of the power of love as a catalyst for personal and political change is nothing but practical. In 2006, her first book of poetry and art, Avatar, was published by The Mercury Press and her first photography exhibition, I Love You Toronto, received national attention. She curates and and blogs at Not coincidentally, her current book project is a cultural study of the words, “I love you.”

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