Tuesday, 31 March 2009

A hundred little monkeys riding tricycles round my brain

Today was supposed to be a nice quiet day. angela rawlings was arriving from Canada and since she hasn't got a mobile phone we'd arranged that Claire and I would go and meet all the trains from Brussels beween about ten and one until we found her. Then the plan was to get a nice relaxed lunch, settle angela into her new home, saunter down to the Zilverhof in time to open at five and everything would be Zen.

The angela part was good - she managed to phone ahead that she was going to arrive about twelve so I had a sunny two-hour breakfast break with Claire before we had to start chasing trains. But at two mintues to twelve Jelle rang to say the local television station had decided to film infusoria - WAAAAAAAAA - and he needed the keys to get in. Stress Bunny whirled into action, and poor angela got whisked straight off the train to the Zilverhof for Belgium camera action without so much as a chocolate waffle.

More tomorrow, I'm exhausted. Please don't worry, dear Canadians, I have since fed your national treasure and put her to bed in her new house.

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