Monday, 20 April 2009

Two calls for work from House Press

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: derek beaulieu
Subject: concrete / visual

hey folks;
i'm making an occasional concrete / visual poetry "magazine" (read: multi-page leaflet / handout / ephemeral item) which will feature new visual poetry, with possible historical / rare examples ... do any of you have work you could perhaps email me which i could include?

im thinking previously unpublished (or if published, then infrequently seen...)... colour or B&W is fine, email or snail mail is also good.

id be honoured to include work from any of you (the deadline is open, i'll publish when i have enough feature-able work) ...
feel free to forward this call on to people who's work you think i should know of...


derek beaulieu
derek at housepress dot ca

And - separately, I think? - House Press is accepting submissions for Source Material 04 until 20th May. That's all the information I have, although there is a pdf of SM03 on the link above.

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